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Tell me about meal prep…

Let us prepare your fitness meals for the week. Rocbody Meal Prep is an exclusive service of our health food restaurant, Rocbody Fitness Cafe. We specialize in clean meal preparation. We provide healthy meals for individuals who are trying to reach or maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of time & effort is placed into our service to make eating healthy more convenient and less stressful for you



How many meals do I have to purchase to place an order?

10 or more



Tell me about the meals…

We prep every day! Your meals will be freshly prepared, weighed and portioned according to your specific order. Then, they are cooled and temperature controlled until pick up or delivery. Your meals are never frozen! Each meal will be packaged according to your customizations in a convenient, microwavable container.






Very Excited! How do I submit an order?

You have options…


1- ONLINE ORDERING Now your can order your meal preps anytime of the day by going to  Just click "ORDER NOW" on the toolbar and a convenient ordering system makes it simple to choose your desired meals, customizations and checkout.


2- Fill out a MEAL PREP WORKSHEET and send it via:

Email (*

Fax (914-365-2001)

or Hand Deliver

*You may snap a clear photo with your smart phone and email it over.


3- EMAIL  your order and include the following information:



Cell phone #:

Payment Information:

If Pickup: A requested Pick up day / date / time (ie. Tuesday May 5th at 3:30pm)

If Delivery: A requested delivery date

Specify your mode: “Eat Clean” or “Contest Prep”

Please let us know if anyone referred you:

Any Special Instructions:


If you would rather order on the phone – simply request a callback and someone will get back to promptly.




Can I pickup my meals?

This is the easiest way to get your weekly meals. Free pickup is available during business hours at Rocbody Fitness Cafe - 620 North Avenue - New Rochelle, NY 10801




Do you DELIVER and SHIP?


Rocbody Meal Prep is currently available by:


Pickup - New Rochelle, NY


Hand Delivery* - Westchester County, Rockland County, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Western Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut


Shipping* - We now offer shipping to MAJOR AREAS of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island


*Delivery & Shipping Charges Apply. Our meal prep delivery service is constantly growing. Email with your zip code to see if delivery/shipping options are available in your area.




How long in advance do I need to place my order?


Good question…


For PICKUPS- we recommend submitting an order 2 days in advance. (We do prep daily, so we are able to accommodate some prep orders quicker during off-peak days & hours). You can include your desired pickup date and time in the "Special Instructions" area and we will confirm if we can have it ready by then.


HAND DELIVERY & SHIPPING- check with us on when we service your area. The more notice we have, the better!








Are you just for bodybuilders?

NO. We are for anyone and everyone looking to achieve a health and fitness goal. Whether you are trying to build muscle, get stronger, lose fat or improve health - Rocbody Meal Prep is here to assist you.



How long will my meals last?

Meals last up to 1 week upon receiving. You must keep your meals properly refrigerated until consumption.



I have a competition coming up…

Say no more. We specialize in competition prep and can make your meals as “plain” as you need them. Choose “competition prep mode,” when ordering



Do you weigh out meals?

Yes! If you do not specify, your meals will be in the range provided. If you need a specific weight, request it and we will make it exactly.



Do you provide macros?

No. Every one of our meals is completely customized based on your order. We will make your meals exactly how you need (Example: 6oz Grilled Chicken, ½ cup brown rice, 1 cup steamed broccoli).



I don’t want carbs. Can you double the veggies for the same price?

This is a very popular request and the answer is always - Yes! We do it all the time



Can I make these changes? Can you guys do this? Will you…

Just ask! We try to fulfill any reasonable requests.



Can I order from your restaurant menu as well?

Our meal prep menu is designed to hold up over time in refrigeration. Our restaurant menu is not necessarily. You may request items from either menu but if we feel it will not last throughout the week we will let you know.



You guys are awesome.

Aww ;) We know!



I just read this whole page and I don’t see my question.


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