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Catering Menu


HALF TRAY (Approx 5-9 People)

FULL TRAY (Approx 18-24 People)


Lean Salads


House Salad… 35/60

(lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, carrots, light Italian)

Caesar Salad… 35/60

(romaine, grated parmesan, croutons, lowfat creamy caesar)

Baby Spinach… 45/70

(baby spinach, plum tomatoes, onions, walnuts, strawberries, raspberry balsamic)

Apple Fuel… 45/70

(apples, romaine, dried cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese, pita chips, balsamic)

Cobb… 50/85

(chicken, egg, turkey bacon, avocado, crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes, lettuce,

light balsamic)

Southwest... 50/85

(chicken, corn, black beans, crushed tortilla, avocado, chopped tomatoes, cheddar, buffalo-ranch dressing)



Whole Wheat Pasta


Penne Vodka… 45/75

(reduced fat vodka sauce)

Penne Vodka (+Bison)… 65/100

Penne Vodka (+ Chicken)… 55/90

Penne Chicken & Broccoli… 55/90


Rocbody Building Meals


Tommy K Special… 65/110

(ground bison, grilled onions, low fat american, brown rice)

Chicken & Potatoes… 55/95

(bronx style! clean grilled chunks of chicken, potatoes, hot cherry peppers,

grilled onions)

Bison Sliders… 45/-

(onions, low fat american)

Wheat Brushetta… 40/-

(multigrain toasted flatbreads, bruschetta dip)

Steak Stir Fry… 60/105

(sirloin steak, vegetables, brown rice, asian inspired sauce)

Chicken Stir Fry … 50/90

(vegetables, brown rice, asian inspired sauce)

Chicken & Broccoli … 50/90

(sliced grilled chicken, seasoned broccoli, hot cherry peppers, brown rice)

Baked Chicken Fingers... 55/90

Grilled Salmon… 65/110

(baby spinach, plum tomatoes, onions, white balsamic)

Turkey Chili… 60/100

(ground turkey, homemade chili sauce, kidney beans, corn, cheddar, white rice)

Chicken alla Popeye…55/95

(chicken, spinach, broccoli, cherry peppers, rice)                

Sweet & Spicy Chicken…55/95

(sliced chicken, peppers, onions, broccoli, sweet & spicy chili sauce, white rice)

Turkey & Potatoes…60/100

(ground turkey, melted mozzarella, caramelized onions, cherry peppers, grilled potatoes)


Extra Reps (side dishes)


Sweet Potato Fries (baked)… 45/-

Brown Rice… 35/-

White Rice… 35/-

Quinoa… 40/-

Baked Potato… 35/-

Sweet Potato… 35/-

Homefries… 40/-

Edamame… 40/-

Mixed Vegetables steamed or lightly sautéed 40/65

Broccoli steamed or lightly sautéed 35/60

Spinach steamed or lightly sautéed 45/-

Asparagus grilled, steamed or lightly sautéed 55/-




SMALL TRAY Choose up to 2 (Approx 6-10 People) ... 65

LARGE TRAY Choose up to 4 (Approx 14-20 People) …. 100


Rocbody (chicken, egg whites, spinach, American cheese, turkey bacon)

Avocado & Tomato (baby spinach, onions, low fat mozzarella)

Chicken Parm (marinara, low fat mozzarella)

Chicken & Bacon (turkey bacon, ranch, cheddar, lettuce)

Eggplant Parm (marinara, low fat mozzarella)

BBQ Chicken (cheddar, honey BBQ sauce, lettuce)

Bison (bison patty, lettuce, tomato, American cheese)

Buffalo Chicken (cheddar, hot sauce, lettuce)

Balsamic Chicken (lettuce, tomatoes, low fat mozzarella, light balsamic)

Chicken Caesar (romaine, parmesan, crouton, creamy Caesar dressing)

Chicken and Pepper (hot cherry peppers, onions, low fat mozzarella)

Veggie (mixed vegetables, brown rice, alpine lace)

Steak (hot cherry peppers, grilled onions, low fat mozzarella)

Tuna (dried cranberries, lettuce, tomato, light mayo, alpine lace)

Hummus (baby spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato)

Bison Parm (bison, marinara, low fat mozzarella)

Apple Fuel (romaine, apples, bleu cheese, cranberries, bleu cheese, pita chips)

Tommy K (ground bison, grilled onions, melted American, brown rice)



SMALL TRAY (Approx 6-10 People)

LARGE TRAY (Approx 14-20 People)


Buffalo… 60/95

(cheddar, hot sauce, lettuce; side bleu cheese dressing)

Steak … 65/105

(lowfat cheese; side marinara)

Tommy K … 65/105

(ground bison, grilled onions, melted American)

Chicken & Brocolli … 60/95

(broccoli, hot cherry peppers, mozzarella)




-Minimum 24+ hours notice recommended

-Some dishes need additional time to prepare

-We may be able to make other dishes & recipes, just ask

-We try to accommodate any reasonable requests

-Pricing & availability subject to change

-Delivery available +$

-Have us Cater & Serve at your Event +$

*if you have a food allergy, please speak to owner, manager, chef or your server

 Delivery Available - 914-365-2000 - Fax 914-365-2001


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